How Do I Get Organized

These days we have a lot of things on our mind and we often wonder:

• How do I get organized?
• How can I manage all things I have to do?
• How do I organize my home?
• What ways are there to organize my life?
• What can I do so I don't forget all things I have to do?

Well, you can learn a lot from a great book called 'Getting Things Done' by David Allen. This book is amazingly cheap and is well worth the money spent on it. My life is better organized because of the information in the book. Read this book immediately and follow David's advice. It will take some time to start implentening his advice, but just start doing it. Many people around the world apply the information of this book and have a better organized life.

I've read this book and it's one of my all-time favorites.

Watch David Allen in below video talking about Getting Things Done. One of the key issues of his system is getting all things you have to do or remember out of your head and into his 'GTD system'.


One of the things in my personal life I do to organize my life is putting 'my things' at fixed spots, e.g. I always put all of our keys in the same basket in the kitchen, put all raincoats or swimming clothes on the same spot, hang all bags (plastic, canvas, nylon, etc.) when possible on the same hanger. So when you need it you'll always know where to look.

What I also do is organizing my postal-mail in separate folders, e.g. one folder for bills, another one for insurances, one for guarantee evidences (of your shopping purchases), one for taxes, one for pension, one for financial, one for each of our children, etc..


After reading David's book I started to look around for a software tool that helped me to organize my life. I found a very useful and free program called Wunderlist. It's a free download and the wonderful thing is that it can be installed on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android mobile, internet browser, PC or laptop to name a few. The most wonderful thing about this great software is that your tasks are stored 'in the cloud'.

This means that your tasks are stored on a server of the owners of Wunderlist and you can synchronize your task with all of your devices, so your information is accessible on your PC and mobile at the same time. Just synchronize and everything is there. I love this, because I can view my list of tasks at home and at work. When I change something at home and later on I synchronize at work: everything is there.

Another powerful thing about Wunderlist is that you can share your tasks with certain people. So in case you're working on a certain project with someone this can be very effective in dealing with tasks that must be done regarding that project.

The people that made Wunderlist are still working on the program to improve it and they also made a new product called 'Wunderkit'. This program also looks very promising, but I've not used it yet.

Simplenote combined with ResophNotes

Simplenote offers an app you can put on your phone or tablet, but you can also just use their website in order to enter notes, like e.g. a shopping list. Combine it with ResophNotes that can synchronize with your Simplenote account on your computer.

Microsoft Office OneNote

Making notes is so much fun with OneNote. Whenever I have things to remember or organize, like websites to read or things to buy, I can easily arrange this in OneNote. Notes are very easy to re-arrange.

Google Calender

Google Calender is great for putting your appointments. You can use it on your computer and there is an app for your phone, so you'll always have your appointments at hand and get notified. Further, you can share your appointments with someone else, which is great.

Redmine Project Management and Wiki

At work I make extensive use of Redmine. Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. Redmine is open source. I highly recommend this software for doing project management and documentation. I recently started making use of the Wiki functionality. It is great! Text formatting within Redmine is done via the Textile text-markup-language. Here's more information about Textile:

Redmine text formatting
Textile manual
Textile reference
Quick reference
Wiki syntax cheatsheet


Trello is a very useful website that enables you to organize your live by making so called 'boards', 'lists' and 'cards'. Just sign up and see for yourself. I like it a lot.

My favorite Getting Things Done website

Lifehacker is my favorite site about organizing your life. Many useful tips can be found on it.

Video by Scott Hanselman

In the following video Scott Hanselman gives practical tips regarding organizing your life. In the video he mentions the following useful websites:

How Do I Get Organized