Keyboard Shortcut Commands


Simple but powerful keyboard shortcut

Did you know there is one keyboard shortcut command I use all the time? It is Ctrl-Z. Many people do not know or use this shortcut, but it is so useful and powerful once you know it. It can be used in most applications to undo your lastest action, e.g. when you've deleted a word or sentence. After you press Ctrl-Z your deleted word or sentence will be restored. Also when using an image editor it is commonly used to undo your latest action (or actions by pressing the shortcut multiple times).

Off course I also make extensive use of the copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V or Ctrl-Insert) shortcuts a lot, but many people know and use these shortcuts already. These shortcuts can be used to copy e.g. selected text or image and paste it somewhere else in your document. The Ctrl-left arrow and Ctrl-right arrow, Shift-left arrow and Shift-right arrow and Ctrl-Shift-left arrow, Ctrl-Shift-right arrow, Ctrl-Shift-up arrow, Ctrl-Shift-down arrow shortcurts are also very useful for navigating through or selecting text.

I also make often use of the Ctrl-Home (navigate to the top of the document), Ctrl-End (navigate to the end of the document) and Ctrl-Shift-Home, Ctrl-Shift-End, Ctrl-Shift-PgUp, Ctrl-Shift-PgDn and Ctrl-A keyboard shortcuts for selecting text.

Useful macro for Microsoft Word

Whenever you copy and paste text in a Word document, Word keeps the formatting of the original text and when you paste the text Word shows a little button on which you can click to keep the text only. Personally I find this annoying, for most of the time I want to paste only the text without the formatting. On this site I learned how to create a macro for this and I assigned the ALT+V keyboard combination to this macro. Very useful. Now when I paste text I just press Alt+V and Word is not pasting the formatting of the text anymore. Very convenient to paste only text with a keyboard combination.

What's also annoying is that by default not always a full menu is shown when you click on a certain menu in Word, Excel, etc..This can be easily solved by right clicking on any toolbar and choosing Customize (or via the menu via View - Toolbars - Customize). Next click on the Options tab and put a check before 'Always show full menus'. Next click Close.

Get rid of additional line-breaks in text copied from e-mail or webpages

Sometimes I copy text from an e-mail or a webpage in my text-editor and after copying the text additional line-breaks are also inserted. I mean that after a line of text there are two line-breaks instead of just one. You can easily get rid of this additonal line-break by copying the text into a new Microsoft Word document and use the replace function (via the menu: Edit - Replace, or press Ctrl-H). In the 'Find and Replace' box in the editbox 'Find what' you type: ^p^p and in the editbox 'Replace with' you type: ^p. Next, click on the 'Replace All' button and you're done.

Rotate screen display

It happened to me already several times that my display was rotated by 90 degrees after pressing a certain keyboard combination. The resolution was to press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow at the same time. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + any arrow key results in a screen rotation (with certain video adapters).

Let the computer type for you

When you frequently type the same words or expressions in different programs and you want to have this automated by the computer, there is a solution for this. Off course you can make a macro in Microsoft Word for this, but then it only works in Microsoft Word. With AutoHotkey you can easily make a small program that take care of this. Once this program is running on your computer, you can make use of the macro's that you've defined. I recommend the program you've made with AutoHotkey to let it start when Windows starts up. This can be done by making a shortcut to the program in the 'Startup' folder in your Windows Start-menu.

Samsung monitor 'check signal cable HDMI' problem

It happened to me already several times that my monitor seemed not to be working correctly anymore. The monitor displayed a jumping message 'check signal cable HDMI'. After investigating this problem, I found out it must have been caused by me accidentally pressing the menu with the arrows picture above it (left of the AUTO menu-item). After putting on my monitor and pressing the menu-item with the arrows picture above it (and waiting patiently for a few seconds!), my monitor was working again. With the menu-item you can change the monitor input from analog to HDMI and vice-versa.

samsung sa350 monitor



Keyboard shortcut commands