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Hello and welcome to my site ICT Expertise. My name is Richard Zwinkels.

I started this website in order to share my experiences as a software developer with you. I am developing professional software for about 30 years now. Things change very rapidly in this industry and there is so much to learn. On my site I review software I personally use and give tips and programming information. In case you are looking for specific software, maybe I can help or develop customized software for you.

I hope you learn something new from my site and would like to hear from you in case I can explain something. Maybe you have suggestions or ideas for new useful software? Don't hesitate to contact me.

Read the following Xplorer2 review, a great Windows Explorer alternative. It is one of my most favorite tools I use extensively on a daily basis. This tool is a great alternative for the default Windows Explorer and I am so much more productive with it. This tool is a huge timesaver for me and I highly recommend it to anyone. You are missing out on a great tool when you don't use it or at least try it and see for yourself! Please take some time to learn about this tool, you'll not regret it. Are you tired of iTunes, because it's slow or you just want to manage your iPhone, iPod or iPad much easier like a removable disk? There's a great alternative for iTunes. Read the iPod to PC Transfer review for more information: sync music from iPod to iPod.

windows verkenner alternatief Sync music from your iPod to your friends' iPod iPhone ringtone creation software
Xplorer2 review iPod to PC Transfer review iPhone Ringtone Maker review

Software Development

Maybe you wonder: how do I create software? I am sure you'll have all kinds of questions regarding using software or want to learn programming yourself. I am here to help. I am an experienced professional computer programmer.


Do you want to know how to program a computer?
On my site I explain how to get started.


You want to know how to use certain software?
I will explain how, so you'll be more productive.


Do you need help solving a computer-problem?
I'll do my best to assist.


Do you need certain (customized) software?
I'll give tips or maybe develop software for you.


Are you looking for a free e-mail marketing autoresponder software solution without paying high monthly fees?
I know the solution without paying any costly monthly fees for online services like Aweber and Getresponse.

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For more information on object oriented programming, visit the how to make a computer program page on my site.

Software study, tools and favorite download sites

Visit my software study page for useful information regarding Microsoft Word, Windows 8, Internet Explorer, how to use Google effectively and other things that interest me or what I've learned and might also be useful for you.

On my computer software tools page you'll find several interesting programs and tools I use often.

I've also created a page on which you'll find my mostly used download sites. I think you'll find them useful also.

Free customer-service software download

Above you can see a screenshot of a simple customer-service software developed by me which you may use for free and give to your friends.

This software can be useful whenever you have many contacts by phone with your customers and want to make notes for each customer. These notes are stored per day.

You can download this customer-service software for free and you may use it without any limitation.

Eventually I can alter this software to meet your needs, by - for example - making it possible to print reports or coupling a order and invoice system to it.

Burn your favorite movies on DVD

With Xilisoft DVD Creator it is very easy to burn your favorite movies on DVD. You can customize a DVD menu so that it is easy to select which movie you want to play on your DVD player. Free version available for direct download.