The beneficial effects of vitamin C and D

Although my site is all about professional software development, I am also interested in health and good nutrition.

Since a close relative of me got very ill some time ago, I am curious about nutrition and how it affects the human body. She recently developed diabetes because of the disease in her brain (tuberculosis meningitis). When she got ill, I've heard that she had a vitamin D deficiency and higher than normal bloodsugar levels. She was not diabetic before she got ill. Vitamin D is produced by the human body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It was winter during the time she got ill and she was not outside often.

Later on I also read diabetes can be caused by a yeast called candida, which produces toxins that interferes with the insulin-receptors on the body-cells, in order that the cells have more difficulty absorbing sugar from the blood. Also I've read candida feeds very much on sugar. It is possible that she got so very tired because the cells in her body were not able to absorb the sugar from the blood.

I've read some articles about vitamin C and D and I think it is essential for the human body to get enough vitamins.

I've also read vitamin C helps the body to heal wounds faster, gives more energy so you are less tired, help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces the risk of a heart disease. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, preventing the body from free radicals. I've learned that most animals have the capability to produce vitamin C by themselves, but humans cannot because of a genetic defect. So it is essential for humans to get enough vitamin C from an external source.


I've read that vitamin C help reduce or regulate bloodsugar levels and this is what I've also experienced lately when I started giving vitamin C to her. She gets insulin regularly and on one occasion I've noticed her bloodsugar level dropped a lot after giving vitamin C for the first time to her. Actually, the bloodsugar level became too low because of it. The nurse had to give her a lot of dextro energy after I gave her 210 milligrams of vitamin C together with her meal. A low bloodsugar is not good off course, but as a result you need less insulin, which is good.


It also playes a important role in the production of a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are critical for the brain to function properly. She is having a neurologic problem because of her disease. Now I wonder is this caused by the meningitis or (what you would never think of) a vitamin C deficiency?

Also she had been very tired since she got ill. Could this all have been caused by a vitamin C deficiency also? I still wonder, but I am getting more and more convinced it is. However, I am not a doctor.


Below articles are amazing new recent findings (May, 2013) of doctors on the dramatic effects of vitamin C on drug resistant tuberculosis (in laboratory however). I was shocked and amazed when I read this and watched the video, for she is having a drug resistant form of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is getting harder to cure beause it is getting resistant against a lot of medicine. I've read that pyridomycin is a natural antibiotic that can treat tuberculosis according to a new study. TCA1 is another new promising compound that is capable of killing tuberculosis. Certain strains of tuberculosis can thrive on rifampin - a frontline drug that is currently used to treat tuberculosis.


Vitamin C deficiency may lead to a potentially fatal disease called scurvy. This disease has the following symptoms: hair and tooth loss, easy bruising and bleeding and joint pain and swelling. A few centuries ago it was known this disease can be prevented by eating oranges or lemons.

After I've read that hair loss is a symptom of scurvy, I remember that she was losing quite a lot of hair recently. Could this have been caused by a vitamin C deficiency? I don't know, but definitely from now on I will give her additional vitamin C on a regular base.

I've learned that aspirin or Ascal can cause a vitamin C deficiency and I know that she is getting Ascal.

Skin problems

Additionally, the last couple of months she was having a dry skin and eczema on her leg. Never before since I know her she had any eczema. I've read about it that vitamin C prevents against skin problems. Also she developed a blister - which is now an open wound - on her buttocks a week before I started giving vitamin C. So this is another sign that makes me think she needs more vitamin C.


Here are other interesting articles I've found. I've read about doctor Klenner giving high doses of vitamin C to certain patients and they recovered remarkably.

Liposomal encapsulated vitamin C can be made at home and is capable of delivering high doses of vitamin C effectively to the cells of the human body. At the following site you can read more about it and there is a link to a video how to make it. You need an ultrasonic cleaner for this.

The following articles are in dutch.


I will continue to read more about it, it is very interesting. What's interesting to note is why the media is not giving so much attention to vitamins? Maybe because the pharmaceutical industry will not profit from giving attention to it. It seems there are many beneficial effects of taking additional vitamin C and D. I'm getting more and more convinced. Why do we learn eating much fruits and vegetables is good for our health? For certain because they contain much vitamins. I hope you are also getting convinced and wish you a healthy life.



The beneficial effects of vitamin C and D