What is Paint Shop Pro?

What is Paint Shop Pro?

Paint Shop Pro is a professional and affordable raster (bitmap) and vector photo and image editor for Windows. It was initially developed by Jasc Software. Corel Corporation purchased Jasc Software and the rights of Paint Shop Pro in 2004. It's user-interface is very friendly and easy to learn. It's a cheaper, but very good alternative to the more expensive Adobe Photoshop software.

Many people (including professional graphic designers and us) love Paint Shop Pro.

What is Paint Shop Pro's basic functionality?

It's basic functionality includes:
• working with layers
• brush, eraser, background eraser, flood fill tool, text tool
• special filters and effects (like for example: shadow, blur, sunburst, kaleidoscope)
• free angle image rotation
• resizing
• add/remove noise
• adjusting colors, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation
• increasing and decreasing color depth
• mirroring and flipping images
• several selection tools including a so called 'magic wand'
• a palette editor
• a learning center, great for new users to quickly learn how to use the software
• picture tubes

The software supports lots of graphical formats, like .jpg .bmp .png .dcr .dng .gif .iff .img .mac .pic .pdf .tiff .wmf .wpg and many more.

Images or photo's can be saved optimized for the web by freely adjusting the quality of the picture.

What is Paint Shop Pro used for?

• It's the ideal editor for website images and photo's.
• With Paint Shop Pro you can correct the details of your photo's, like making red eye corrections with the red eye tool.
• It's the ideal tool for the professional or hobbyist photographer.
• It's possible to make digital art.
• Creation of professional looking logo's.

What is a Paint Shop Pro picture tube?

A picture tube is a graphic brush based on a image. With a picture tube you draw a trail of images with a transparent background on the canvas (instead of drawing a trail of a certain color). You can download free picture tubes or create your own picture tubes and save them in the picture tubes folder.

Why should I buy Paint Shop Pro?

You should buy Paint Shop Pro because it's price compared to it's quality is unbeatable. You'll be using this software for many years to come and will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and many capabilities of the software. It's user-interface is gorgeous and once you learn the basics you'll be amazed with what you can do with this powerful tool. Surprise your friends and family with your work of art. The learning curve is minimal and you can do much more than just basic image editing. Highly recommended!

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What is Paint Shop Pro