Xplorer2 Review

As a software developer I make extensive use of the filesystem of Windows. Commonly you use the default Windows Explorer for this. I also did, until I found this great piece of software called Xplorer2. This program makes me so much more productive. It is much more flexible and much easier to use. In fact, I really can not do without Xplorer2 anymore. I am really very excited about this alternative. It reminds me of the days when using the old DOS program called 'Norton Commander'.

As a simple example: Xplorer2 remembers the folders you were working on before you've closed Xplorer2. The next time you start the program you are precisely on the same location as were you were before. The default Windows Explorer doesn't do this, which I find very annoying. I have to re-open the folder structure again and again.

Another example: make a new folder just by pressing the F8 button and you're done. In Windows Explorer it can also be done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N, which is much harder to remember or you've got to use your mouse for this, which is very inconvenient. Copying files between folders can be done by selecting the files and pressing F5. Moving files can be done by simply pressing F6.

Working with (locked or non-locked) tabpages is also very convenient. It is so easy to switch between different locations very quickly.

Probably you also once had a problem that Windows Explorer is not working anymore or is reacting very slow. I also experienced this in the past. With Xplorer2 this doesn't happen anymore.

windows verkenner werkt niet meer

Would not you prefer to work with another program instead of Windows Explorer with which you will be much more productive? Would you like to work much quicker and easier? Discover the program I use with which you can do the following things very simple:


Multiple tabs with different file locations open at once.


Directly watch a movie or listen to music or from this program via the preview pane.


Quite simply copy files between two or more folders. This is ideal!


Easily access favorite files and file locations and securing tabs (lock) so that tabs will remain in focus


Superfast finding files containing a certain text.

tick_box Compare folder contents.
tick_box Easily find duplicate files.
tick_box Superfast renaming of multiple files.
tick_box Display Subversion (sourcecode-version management software) display icon-overlays.
Also, several Subversion columns can be made visible, which can't be done anymore in Windows Explorer (since Windows Vista / Windows 7).
tick_box No more hassle because this program just remembers where you left off. Windows Explorer, on the other hand every time in the same folder starts and remember not where you left off last time. This is one of the largest annoyances that I experience with Windows Explorer.
tick_box Easily enter DOS commands in Xplorer2 and view the results without the need of opening a console window.
tick_box Mini scrap were you can make a collection of files from different folders for easy manipulation like moving and copying.
tick_box And much, much more....

When you start using this program you'll quickly discover you'll much rather work with it than the default Windows Explorer. When I use a computer that does not have this program, I miss it directly. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend anyone to learn to work with this program. Take some effort learning how to use it and you'll not regret it. I speak from experience.

windows verkenner alternatief

Years ago, when Windows does not exist yet, I programmed under the DOS operating system. Even when I had to look up a lot of files, rename, copy the like. At that time I did this using a program that was called Norton Commander. Some people know this program even from the time that WordPerfect was the program that most people text processed. With Xplorer2 you can also work easily again the way you worked with Norton Commander, only now under Windows. I'm really very enthusiastic about xplorer2. You should definitely try out this program to see what you think of yourself. You're missing out on something, when you're not using this program.

Try it now by downloading directly from links below the trial version of the program (without obligation). The trial version can be used 21 days so you have plenty of time to see if you are as excited as I am. You can then later still decide to purchase it if necessary. For the cost, you do not have to leave anyway because it only costs about 36 dollars (for the professional edition). I am also using the professional edition. For me, Xplorer2 is actually worth much more than 100 dollars.

Click here to try Xplorer2 now!
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  Professional edition zabkat xplorer2 verkenner professional
  Ultimate edition zabkat xplorer2 verkenner ultimate


Below you'll see the differences between the editions

Editie Professional Ultimate
  zabkat xplorer2 verkenner professional zabkat xplorer2 verkenner ultimate
Explore and among others video and mp3 preview tick_box tick_box
Tabpages for folders and two panes tick_box tick_box
Advanced search and file-management tick_box tick_box
Portable and networkinstallation   tick_box
Fast desktop and search-functionality   tick_box
Priority customerservice   tick_box
User-experience level geavanceerde bestand verkenner ultieme bestand verkenner
Price per item 36,24 USD* 60,44 USD*

*) Above prices are an indication.

The program has extensive documentation, only in English.

Below I show a few screenshots of Xplorer2.

In the example below you can see the use of tabs and the upper folder displays the details of the files in that folder and displayed in the lower folder files as thumbnail (miniature). Coincidentally, this example shows the contents from the same folder, but you can also display the contents of two different folders at once and in the desired view (e.g. details, list, thumbnails).

zabkat xplorer2 verkenner

Here's how you can decorate Xplorer2 the way Norton Commander also looked. On the left and right of the screen you can see the contents of two different folders. You can easily copy or move files between folders. This is much more convenient than the standard Windows Explorer, where you always only see the contents of one folder at a time.

zabkat xplorer2 verkenner norton commander

The following screenshot shows how you can assign a color coded files that end with a particular file extension. This can be useful when looking for quick files of a certain type.

zabkat xplorer2 verkenner kleurcodering

In the next screenshot you see that you possibly - if you find that convenient - can turn the ribbon on. The ribbon is a large menu bar with buttons for commonly used functions.

zabkat xplorer2 verkenner ribbon


Try or buy the professional or ultimate edition of Xplorer2 now. Highly recommended!